Master of Science in Nursing

Medical courses can can offer you a good future with clarity and satisfaction. An individual who is really intrigued to serve society by treating and caring for patients thinks not to reconsider before taking this course.

Master of Science in Nursing (M.Sc. Nursing)

MSc/M.Sc Nursing or Master of Science in Nursing is a postgraduate degree program of 2 years that focuses on caring for the patients both physically or mentally and helps them productively live their life. MSc Nursing Admission is granted through various entrance examinations such as AIIMS MSc Exam, MET 2021, DSAT 2021, etc which are conducted by the institute or university and followed by the other rounds such as GD and PI rounds.

It is the most demanding nursing profession based on the current world crisis; the COVID-19 outbreak. The course comprises of lectures, seminars, practice work, extensive lab and on field training. Students have to submit their research thesis in the final semester of the program.

Why do I need to choose M.Sc. nursing?

  • Post graduated of the M.Sc. Nursing are qualified to work as registered nurses in a wide variety of settings include hospitals, multilevel care facilities, community agencies as well as psychiatric or mental health settings.
  • There is opportunity for the fresh graduates to start their career in the teaching profession which will help them to be specialized themselves in the Master program.
  • Students can go for their Ph.D. programs as well for further research work.

Criteria of Eligibility

  • The student must have a bachelor degree from any recognized university in relevant field. Students applying for an M.Sc. Nursing course must have a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 35 years of age. Eligibility for M.Sc. courses in India requires applicants to take an entrance exam.